New Media, Social Marketing, and Value-driven Organizations — My Senior Study at Goddard College.

There is a great deal of conversation and experimentation these days in the world of new media marketing and social marketing.  From blogging to podcasts to Second Life, companies and organizations are increasingly using new, conversational tools to tell their stories.  For my senior study at Goddard College, I will be looking at the ways that these tools can be used by value-driven organizations, such as non-profits, to perform their marketing and public relations in a more socially responsible way.

Over the course of this year, I will use this blog to document my studies and explore the questions I will be writing about for my senior study.  Also, I will produce a podcast every three weeks on the subject of new media and social marketing for value-driven organizations.  The podcast will include interviews with thought leaders in the fields of new media and marketing, as well as people in the world of value-driven organizations.  You can subscribe to the podcast by clicking here.


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  1. Hi Will. Look forward to seeing what you write. Do you mean “social marketing” in the context of using marketing practices to create change (i.e., anti-smoking, AIDS awareness, etc…), or do you mean social media marketing (i.e., using new media technologies for marketing).


  2. Will Boyd on

    Thanks…That is a good question that I haven’t thought of. My initial reaction is that I mean social media marketing to be used by organizations that are seeking to create change (non-profits, sustainable business, etc.) I may need to explore those terms further, though.

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