Entertainment and Marketing….where does PR fit?

In a recent entry entitled Big Media & Entertainment vs.The Marketing Services Industry…who will triumph? on Edelman Digital’s Authenticities blog, Jared Hendler discussed the changing landscape that faces both the marketing services industry and the entertainment industry when it comes to who will be able to help brands reach their audiences in this new, media fragmented world.

In the entry, Hendler states “The brands that connect in the future will be those that can do more than just get involved in the conversation with their audience, but those that produce something of value for them. Whether that be in the form of information, education, software, games, social networking or via entertainment properties.” In my opinion, this is a huge, positive shift from traditional marketing techniques that, in my opinion, reduce the quality of my life.

A great example of this is the billboard advertisement vs. a podcast about gadgets. As I drive down the freeway, I am under constant visual attack by billboards advertising products and services that I have little to no interest in or need for. What this ends up doing, at least in my case, is encouraging me to develop mental filters against such ads as they simultaneously reduce my enjoyment of the natural world. Conversely, when I subscribe to a podcast about gadgets, I feel that, even though I am consuming information about products that companies want me to purchase, value is being added to my day. This is because I enjoy the content and I am actually pursuing the content. Furthermore, I think my personal engagement with the content leads me to be much more likely to purchase a gadget featured on the podcast than I am to pay for the laser hair removal that I frequently see advertised on billboards along the freeway.

Hendler ends the entry by saying “Amidst all of this PR is in a unique position as a perfect hybrid between the two models.” I think Hendler is right. Those people and firms who understand truly how to relate to the public will be perfectly positioned to help brands tell their stories authentically and effectively.


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