Is Responsible Marketing the same as Socially Responsible Marketing?

I just finished listening to a podcast from in which Bill Boyd (no relation) interviewed the President and CEO of Outsource Marketing, Patrick Byers. The podcast is entitled The Seven Keys to Responsible Marketing. Those seven keys, according to Byers, are listed below:
1. strategic responsibility
2. casting responsibility
3. execution responsibility
4. message responsibility
5. ROI responsibility
6. environmental responsibility
7 social responsibility
(for definitions of these keys you can listen to the interview here.)

I really appreciate what Byers said in the interview and the way he included social responsibility and message responsibility in the list above, but I feel that he left out an important point that his organization does well. That point is that an organization that seeks to operate in a responsible manner (socially or otherwise) can not necessarily play with everyone. One of the core values that Byers’ organization lists on their website is “We work only with clients who share our values.” I think Byers needs to add an Eighth key to responsible marketing — relational responsibility.


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  1. Patrick Byers on

    Hello Will,

    We’re on the same page here (FSC certified, I assume). Nice job with your blog and I like your thinking.

    You make a good point and in a perfect world, I would add #8. Unfortunately, Responsible Marketing is more gray than black or white.

    We love working with clients that share our values, and we turn away prospects that aren’t a good fit. When we begin a relationship, we do all we can to determine if we’re a good fit for one another.

    Occasionally, we work with a client on the fringe that professes a desire to do better. In some ways we can do more good working with companies that need us than companies that agree with everything we’re trying to do.

    Sure, there are some great analogs in Christianity and other religions, but I believe responsibility is universal.

    I look forward to a continued conversation and would enjoy your comments on The Responsible Marketing Blog.

    You’d add a lot to the conversation.

    Happy marketing.

    Patrick Byers

    The Responsible Marketing Blog

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