McDonald’s and Corporate Social Responsibility…are you kidding me?

Wow. McDonald’s has a Corporate Social Responsibility page. . Is this not a sad, sad joke. The health of Americans is getting worse and worse. People are getting fatter and fatter. Our children are becoming alarmingly obese and McDonalds wants to act like they are good, socially responsible corporate citizens. What is next? Maybe next week we will see Philip Morris weigh in on the health care debate.


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  1. stacey on

    I think what we should talk about is personal responsibility. People need to take their own lives and the lives of their children into their own hands, and stop expecting the government, corporations, doctors or other people to take care of them. The information is there. We all know that eating McDonald’s is bad, smoking is bad, etc. People need to stop eating, exercise and stay away from other harmful substances, and teach their children these things! We all need to take more responsibility for our own lives and stop expecting others to do these things for us. It is not McDonald’s who makes us fat- we have a choice! Okay, I’m done.

  2. Will Boyd on

    Thanks for the comment. I agree that ultimately, people need to take responsibility for themselves. However, since this blog is about marketing and corporate social responsibility, my question is whether or not the marketing that McDonalds does might have a negative effect on people’s attitudes toward nutrition. I especially wonder what effect that marketing has on children. Whether it is television or print ads or billboards or whatever, it is hard, if not impossible, to prevent those messages from reaching children. In regards to social responsibility, my concern is that McDonalds is being less than responsible by trying to market themselves as socially responsible when the marketing that they conduct encourages people to make less than healthy choices

  3. Stacey on

    Well, I would have to agree that it is impossible to avoid those messages, I am having a “Mac Attack” just talking about McDonald’s. I would ask, then, just what messages are they sending children? I don’t currenly watch television, but when I did, I saw McDonald’s encouraging children to be more active. They have even started to change the sack for the Happy Meals to show games and activities you can do to be healthy. And, they put the nutrition information right on the side of the box. That, along with the new side choices such as apple wedges and milk, make feeding your child McDonald’s at least as nutritious as a school prepared lunch. They also cook in no trans fat cooking oil and have salads and grilled choices. They have switched a lot of their marketing to target college-aged people with the dollar menu ads, and they limit the advertising of the third party promotionals in the kid’s meals (aka happy meal toys). I know they are an easy target, and their attempts to be socially responsible may be somewhat superficial, but I think they are making great strides.

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