Marketing 4 Change Podcast – Episode 2: Stacey Monk of Epic Change and Social Media Marketing

Epic Change

Episode 2 features Stacey Monk of Epic Change.

Stacey Monk

Stacey and Epic Change have recently enjoyed a great deal of success in the social media sphere–particularly with the microblogging tool Twitter.

To learn more about Stacey and Epic Change, go to

Other links:
Epic Change Blog
“Your Stories Matter” YouTube Group
Follow Stacey on Twitter
Follow Sanjay Patel on Twitter
Stacey’s Guest Post on Go Big Always Blog

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Epic Change

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1 comment so far

  1. Stacey Monk on

    Thanks so much Will for the opportunity to share our cause with your listeners and readers! As we’re a new organization, we’re super excited for each chance we get to spread the word. As I mentioned in our interview, Epic Change is only possible through the combined efforts of many people, so I wholeheartedly appreciate your collaboration.

    I hope many people will submit videos for us to share with the kids during our visit this summer. You don’t know how much your messages will mean to them.

    Thanks again!

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