User Generated Content – The Future of Media is Here

I just got an email from my aunt. The email asked me to go to YouTube and watch my young cousin’s new stop motion movie. Besides being a little too centered on violence for my taste, I think he did a pretty good job for his first film.

When I watched it, what came to my mind was that he probably had more fun and got more enjoyment out of making that video than he would have gotten from a week of watching TV. I think one of the fundamental desires of humans is the desire to be creators. It is a powerful drive that has given rise to art and empire alike. Organizations that figure out how to encourage and empower people to be creators as part of their marketing and PR will be harnessing a power much greater than the power of the best traditional marketing campaign.

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  1. johnhaydon on


    I’m taking a class at UMass Boston and have a final paper on Local Media and Community Building. Essentially, my paper is about how the mission of local media (community radio, TV, newspapers) is to give voice to and empower the unrepresented. Examples I can thing of are how radio has been used in Africa and India to create change within a community. I’m also mixing in Global Media in a few ways: 1, how local media can leverage global media for their cause and 2, how Global Media, particulalry Corporate Media creates a good part of the damage that local media tries to clean up.

    Can you recommend and case studies I should be using?


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