Nike Pulls Homophobic Commercial. Should they have?

Nike just pulled one of their new “Hyperdunk” ads that depicted a player dunking over another player. The ad shows the dunking player’s crotch in the other player’s face with the words “That ain’t right.” Nike has agreed to pull the ad due to the outcry that the ad promotes homophobic views.

Nike Homophobia

What do you think? Did Nike do the right thing? Was the commercial irresponsible? Comment below to make your voice heard.

4 comments so far

  1. tc on

    some just have to move on. To many conclusions can be drawn from the ad to imply anything specific without asking the conceptual designer and hoping they don’t lie. I don’t agree with direct statements (obvious) but this only becomes that when someone crys, “foul”.

  2. naturalchildbirth1 on

    I think they should make another version, to suit those who think that this one is offensive, with their old slogan “Just Do It.” Then we can all be happy.

  3. Marina Martin on

    All I can think of when looking at that photo is “ouch” because in the next second, the guy in red is going to have his head slammed against the court and a big heavy body crushing his face.

    Not quite sure how this is support to help them sell athletic equipment.

    @naturalchildbirth1 Ha! That’d be fantastic, funny, and memorable. They should have hired you for their advertising campaign.

  4. johnberr2 on

    I think the ad did what it was probably intended to do – have people talk about it. The fact that it was pulled only ads to the discussion, right?

    But, I’m with Marina. My first thought was ‘Ouch’ too.

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